In far too many cases, those deteriorating with psychosis are left to plunge
into the abyss and sometimes to end their lives

MHSF focuses on the major issues that need to be dealt with to help
ensure those with schizophrenia get the timely treatment they
need and go on to live fulfilling lives.

To Donate Now

For immediate donations, you can take advantage of our PayPal payment facility, which also allows for the use of credit cards, or you can send us a cheque at our address, below. Note, however, that because there’s a percentage facility charge for donations via PayPal, anything over $500, say, should be handled by cheque or direct deposit to our credit union account, to save that overhead cost. For a cheque, we’d be glad to pick it up at your residence or office, for your convenience. For direct deposit, please contact us for instructions.

Donations & Our Endowment Fund

Our focus is to address major issues that involve those with serious mental illness and, by doing so, facilitate system change over time. If you’ve browsed through this website, you’ll have seen what the challenge is and what the Foundation is trying to achieve.

All donations are welcome and appreciated. Even minor ones are of great use to us, and since we can commission projects of our own, contributions can be applied directly to specific undertakings. Our leading financial objective, however, is to develop an endowment fund with a regular stream of revenue, to be available for grant allocations year to year and to use the flexibility of such allocations to target our priorities.

Our current goal is $2 million with a conservatively estimated annual revenue of $80,000 to $100,000, which would allow our grant-allocation program to have real impact.

Whatever the size of a potential donation, we encourage those interested in our mission to meet with us and hear directly both our stories and how our objectives lend themselves to the well-being of the seriously mentally ill. We can meet with you individually if you prefer or you can join small groups of potential donors which we gather together from time to time to discuss our work.

Making Provision In Your Will

One of the most important ways of contributing to our MHSF Endowment Fund is by making a provision in your will for a legacy to the Fund. Please let us know if you’re interested and we can provide you with details and wording either for a clause in a revised will or a codicil to your current will. It’s preferable in any case, though, to meet with us, get to know us, and gain insight into what we would like to achieve.

A Gift In Stocks

A gift in stocks, either a current allocation or as provided for in a will, is always welcome and has the advantage, in the case of a charitable foundation such as ours, of not incurring any capital gains in the giving.


Giving to MHSF’s Endowment Fund means resources will be targeted to addressing key issues
and program needs, and not be lost to lesser priorities.