Serious mental illness isn’t feeling in a bad mood.
It’s a biological illness of the brain.

MHSF never forgets “the reality of mental illness” and allocates
grants for programs, advocacy, and research accordingly.

Note as of the spring of 2023:

Currently our endowment fund, producing a revenue flow for major grants, has yet to be established. We are, however, interested in hearing from you and getting to know you for the future, and are offering a small grant of $1,000 for work that catches our interest, in return. Just send us a brief email, to, with a paragraph on your organization or your project, and we’ll take it from there. We wouldn’t think of asking for anything more, given the modest amount offered, and we’re probably already familiar with what you do.  We can always check your website or give you a call for more details if we feel it necesssary.  Below are guidelines for grant applications, to become fully operational when our funding is established; you might want to go over them.

Good luck in whatrever you’re doing, and thanks for your interest.  Please, also, feel free to get in touch with us if you wish to learn more about our mission or to discuss our working together.

Eligible Categories (From Our Formal Purposes)

  • Support for families of persons suffering with schizophrenia and the persons who are suffering from the illness;
  • Encouragement and facilitation of mutual support based on family peer support and led by family-member peers;
  • Advocacy for improving services and legislation for persons with schizophrenia and their families;
  • Dissemination of information about schizophrenia and the resources available for those who suffer from it;
  • Education and information to the general public about the nature of schizophrenia, its extent in society and the needs which it creates;
  • Organizations that provide housing or other amenities for those with a serious mental illness;
  • Research related to schizophrenia;
  • Work related to other serious mental illness, consistent with the above, that bears on schizophrenia as well;
  • Any other activity which aids and assists those affected by schizophrenia or other serious mental illness.

Current Priorities

While the eligible categories taken together are quite comprehensive, and we warmly encourage and will give careful consideration to all applications that fall under those categories, proposals serving our current priorities will have a better chance of being approved for a grant, everything else being equal.

Current priorities include:

  • A more pro-active approach to treatment and post-discharge care; reducing “system failure” and averting tragedy
  • Establishing and expanding trained family peer support
  • Facilitating family involvement, with a focus on information sharing
  • Strengthening community participation of those with serious mental illness and breaking their social isolation
  • Research and other measures dealing with the ongoing, long-term “negative symptoms’ (post-psychotic symptoms) of schizophrenia
  • Innovative projects to improve the lives of the most seriously ill


Giving to MHSF’s Endowment Fund means resources will be targeted to addressing key issues
and program needs, and not be lost to lesser priorities.